Wrist extension

BR to ECRB transfer

Marc Revol, MD, Jean-Marie Servant, MD

(Service de Chirurgie Plastique. Hopital Saint-Louis. 75475 Paris Cedex 10. France)



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  BR is exposed.
  BR is dissected up to its vascular pedicle (anterior recurent radial artery) by the elbow crease. Transfer is performed into the ECRB tendon, according to the Pulvertaft procedure.
  Tension is set to a maximum when elbow is flexed at 90 and wrist flexed at 30. This setting warrants that wrist flexion will not be impaired.
  In order to prevent rupture of the transfer, ECRL tendon is then sutured side-to-side on it.
  Transfer of BR is thus done both in ECRB and ECRL.

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